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Ilam, Pathivara

Located on the hill of Taplejung, Pathivara Devi is one of the most significant temple in Nepal. Pathibhara Devi Shrine arranged at 3,794 m is a famous journey destination. The god at Pathivara is famous among both Hindus and Buddhist. It is also considered one of the holy place where as it is believed that a pilgrimage to the temple ensures fulfillment of the pilgrims' wishes.

How is the trek?
It is a short and easy trek. The trek to Pathivara Devi combined with the natural and cultural experiences of the region make the visit a unique exhilarating experience. It takes a single day to reach the temple of Pathivara on foot from Taplejung Bazaar.The beautiful view of the Mt. Kanchenjunga range can be seen from Pathivara trail. 

When is the best time?
The best time to visit the temple is from March through out to June and September to November. Pilgrimages can also have an opportunity to visit Kanchanjungha range, the waterfall at Sawa pokhari and the pond of Timbuk, during autumn and spring every year.

Belief for Goddess?
Pathivara has been one of the most enchanting and enigmatic pilgrim that has the spectacle beliefs of magical powers. Hindus as well as the Buddhist worshipers from all over Nepal and India flock to this pilgrimage with the sole belief of the goddess. Long time ago a shepherd lost his so many sheep at once. Then he had a dream where he was asked to sacrifice few sheep to for the lost ones.